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Paella Party?

An original and fashionable idea, inimitable flavour, a family recipe, social atmosphere, fast and professional service, fresh and honest ingredients cooked on-site.

You see? Paella is the perfect option for any event: weddings, corporate functions, parties, sport clubs etc.

Choosing our paella means choosing the best value for money. We provide a chef and all the disposable dishes you need.

50 persons minimum.

Ingredients: chorizo, peppers, artichoke hearts, peas, squid, prawns, mussels, chicken.

We are the catering partner for “Les voiles d’Antibes” and we cook paella for 500 people every year: it’s one of our signature specialities. The chef himself picks fresh ingredients and makes his own chicken broth and fish soup to use as stock for the paella: so, our paella is full of flavour and we love it!

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