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Let’s do brunch!

Délices Fraich’Heure Catering can supply your brunch at home or at a venue. We will set up your brunch with a full catering service so you can just focus on spending time with your guests.

We can also provide you with a head waiter, furniture or dishes.

We provide 2 solutions: one is the English breakfast-style “premium” brunch including a glass of champagne with our salad bar, beans, bacon and scrambled eggs in hot chafing dishes. The other option is a classic brunch with deli meats (charcuterie), cheese, pastries and fruit salad.

Hot drinks and disposable dishes are included in both packages.




brunch classique

Brunch is always a great way to get together the day after a wedding or for a family function. We can design and supply a barbecue, paella or buffet.


Additional services include options ranging from a chocolate fountain to a cheese bar.


Additional Services